Fifteen years ago, I started an events company called “M Group Events” in Milwaukee, WI. From the start, it was always important to not just organize the basic details but to make sure that those special touches were taken care of and that guests would enjoy every aspect of the event – from décor to cuisine to music to the special gift at the end of the night . . .

My clientele ranges from non-profit organizations to corporations, private parties and exquisite weddings and those clients very soon depended on me to assist them in so many ways. I would help select exquisite take-away gifts for their events and soon they were asking me to help select gifts for their clients, friends, or themselves. To find the gifts, I would always go to small boutiques that had exquisite items and took the time to make sure that the gift arrived beautifully wrapped – an attention to all the details!

From there an idea was born. Why couldn’t we help connect online shoppers to fine boutique stores all over the country? Fine items, beautifully wrapped and with a hand-written note. We would vet all items too so you would know that anything from the Lydia Line would be sure to “wow”.

Today, we are happy to offer the Lydia Line as a personal touch to e-commerce shopping. I hope you enjoy browsing the Lydia Line and the small business boutiques that are featured from around the country.