Keep Your Local Small Businesses in Mind!

During this time, it is more important than ever to help the small businesses in your local neighborhood. These businesses are run by hard working people who offer something special for others to enjoy. In many cases, they employ others who make a living from that business as well. There are more people employed by small businesses than all the big box stores combined in this country. By buying local you can help support all of them.

Next time you make any purchase, we ask if you can keep those small businesses in mind. Buying local will make a bigger impact for great small businesses and great people around our country!

Our Categories…

You know what we do…source great products from fine boutique stores throughout the country. Through our vetting process we have found items that fit beautifully in our categories…

Entertaining                              Anything and everything that helps to entertain others.

Delicious Treats                       Delicious food and drink items.

Because You Care                     Items that have a great charitable cause associated with them.

Ladies                                          Just for the ladies, but no clothing items other than accessories.

Gentlemen                                 For the men, but again, no clothing.

Wee Ones                                    Perfect for the little ones out there.

Congratulations                      Celebratory gifts for those special moments.

Pamper Me                                Fine gifts to help one relax.

Pamper Your Pets                   Only the finest gifts for our fury little friends.

With these great categories, we hope you can find something perfect for yourself or someone special. Every occasion can be covered by gifts from The Lydia Line.