Church Gift Box Candle – 14 oz


This truly regal fragrance will transport you to the ancient hillside castles of France with its rich, dark aromas. Luxurious woody notes of amber and sandalwood pair well with deep red wines when entertaining. Each of these 14oz candles is topped by a festive decoration, an ornamental piece, and then beautifully wrapped in a cellophane bag adorned with a ribbon.

This gift box candle gives me the feelings of a quiet Christmas night...

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This exquisite gift is from...

Des Arc, Arkansas


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Lux Fragrances offers the finest quality in home fragrance.  With a Lux Fragrances candle, you will enjoy a long burn time (8-10 hours per candle ounce) and an extremely fragrant candle (15% fragrance oil content).  You will also enjoy a premium wax blend that contains no soy.  Once you burn a Lux candle, you'll appreciate and know the difference.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 10 in