“Its All in the Details”

You will hear that term a lot if you hang around the Lydia Line team. Though sometimes used in a sarcastic manner…it is a mindset for how we do things on a daily basis. It really is “All in the Details” when it comes to providing a selection of fine gift items.

It begins with our selection process where Lydia and the team meet personally with each boutique owner. First and foremost, we vet each item for its uniqueness and quality. If it isn’t perfect for gifting it isn’t perfect for The Lydia Line! We also make sure that every item can be shipped and delivered to you or someone special without any problems. Some items are fabulous, but gentle and need extra care to get to your destination. We want you to be able to trust that every item from The Lydia Line is truly exquisite.

“Its All in the Details” does not just mean the gift item itself but is the beautiful packaging and handwritten note as well. We partner with boutiques that share our view that gifts are best when packaged beautifully. Everyone likes opening a gift, even if you got it for yourself. We think our handwritten note is the icing on the cake. You write a short note in the checkout process that is hand transcribed onto our beautiful Lydia Line stationary.

And lastly, we pledge to offer the finest service if you need assistance. If you have any questions, let’s chat! We are here for any of your gifting needs, big or small. We hope you like our “All in the Details” approach when shopping The Lydia Line.

Not From China…From Your Own Neighborhood

We partner with small business boutique stores right here in the United States. The same ones down the street from you and in towns all over our country. These stores offer the unique gift and food items we all love and do it in a way we have always appreciated. Walking in their store you will always be greeted with a smile and exceptional service.

Behind each boutique is a person who has taken the leap as a small business owner, producing something exquisite themselves or selecting beautiful items from other great small businesses to feature in their stores.

The Lydia Line is here to connect you to these fine small businesses. Even some that may be in your neighborhood! Shop local…online…shop the Lydia Line!

Truly Personal…Our Mission

Truly Personal…Our Mission

To bring a personal approach and attention to detail to online shopping while promoting exquisite small business boutique stores. Adding value, service and independence to customer and small business alike.

How do you feel when you typically shop online? We find it hard to determine quality items and feel the whole process lacks the details that truly make shopping special. The Lydia Line strives to bring a personal touch while connecting customers to unique small businesses throughout the country. At the end of the day, we hope to offer both customer and small business alike a platform to connect and thrive.

An Idea is Born…

An Idea is Born…

Fifteen years ago, I started an events company called “M Group Events” in Milwaukee, WI. From the start, it was always important to not just organize the basic details but to make sure that those special touches were taken care of and that guests would enjoy every aspect of the event – from décor to cuisine to music to the special gift at the end of the night . . .

My clientele ranges from non-profit organizations to corporations, private parties and exquisite weddings and those clients very soon depended on me to assist them in so many ways. I would help select exquisite take-away gifts for their events and soon they were asking me to help select gifts for their clients, friends, or themselves. To find the gifts, I would always go to small boutiques that had exquisite items and took the time to make sure that the gift arrived beautifully wrapped – an attention to all the details!

From there an idea was born. Why couldn’t we help connect online shoppers to fine boutique stores all over the country? Fine items, beautifully wrapped and with a hand-written note. We would vet all items too so you would know that anything from the Lydia Line would be sure to “wow”.

Today, we are happy to offer the Lydia Line as a personal touch to e-commerce shopping. I hope you enjoy browsing the Lydia Line and the small business boutiques that are featured from around the country.