Hair Thickening Spray


The all-natural Hair Thickening Spray is formulated with botanical ingredients to boost hair volume and stimulate hair growth. It is lightweight and grease-free. The pure witch hazel helps to cleanse and clarify the scalp and the essential oils work together to promote hair growth and thickness. Rosemary essential oil, in particular, is known to be highly effective in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss.
A powerful hair growth stimulant, thyme essential oil has natural antimicrobial properties that help prevent scalp irritations that can hinder hair growth.
Lavender essential oil has a calming effect on the scalp as well, helping to soothe and balance it, while cedarwood essential oil works to strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair breakage.

A reliable resource for those with thinner hair...the all natural ingredients is a bonus as well!

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